Part of the New Challenge

Today: sleeping in, lounging, lounging, freelance, lounging, fattening food, lounging, movies, Mexican food

Note: Today was my rest day, so there isn’t much to talk about.


I mostly stayed inside today, but I did get to chat with Grace, a Hackathon Hacker, over Google Hangouts. I’m looking forward to working with her on some web projects!


CHURROS. So yummy. The only problem - I couldn’t decide whether the chocolate or caramel dip was more delicious.


This is the first track I listened to this morning. I’m diggin’ it.



I know it’s not written, but it’s poetry. I was feeling really stressed today, and someone sent me this. Hopefully it touches you as much as it touched me.


This is actually from yesterday, but because I was in such a beautiful place, I just needed to share another. This is the roof of one room in the Met.


Today, I wrote some stuff that will be finished and released tomorrow! Soon!


I spent a bit of time fixing up some scss files for a freelance job.

Tomorrow: New Years HH meetup!