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Today: AlleyNYC, almond milk and hipster coffee, MLH, thai, the Met, selfies and imitations, black coffee, arepas, coffee rum, Saskatchewan, 1am delivery pizza


Oh man, I met a lot of people today.

First up was the Major League Hacking team, some of whom I had met before. Always a chill time, and they have a sweet coworking space.

After that, I went on an adventure with two hackathon hackers: Ifeanyi and Samantha. We went to the Metropolitan museum and spoke broken English; check Facebook for hilarious Met photos to come later. I love that HH lets me meet up with people from all edges of the globe.


Lunch in midtown is always an adventure, but it’s even better with MLH! I got to try some Thai food; I had Pad Kana (broccoli, kale, and tofu in a ginger sauce over rice) and Papaya salad. Both were delicious, even if my mouth was burning a little from the spice.

Later, I tried arepas (mine had cheese, plantain, and avocado). Also delicious.

I finished off the night with coffee rum - possibly one of the best things ever. Apparently it’s only available in Portland, so I’ll definitely be grabbing some while in Seattle.

I lied, that wasn’t the end of the night. I conquered a pizza at 1am. Even crappy New York pizza is delicious.

##Music Courtesy of the lovely Daniel, some pump-up office music:


While at Starbucks, I got through a good amount of a pretty awesome Ruby on Rails tutorial as I try to brush up on my Ruby skills.


We went to the Met. It was puuurrrdyyy.


Today is an exciting day for writing - I launched a new Medium collection! WAYWO (What Are You Working On?) is a common question and topic of discussion in the hacker community, and a Hackathon Hackers Facebook group dedicated to WAYWO has over 3.5K members. My new blog collection - WAYWO This Week - will summarize and review the most popular projects from the group each week. I’m really excited to share the great ideas of the hacker community. The first post was published today. Check out the collection now!


I’m working on rails tutorials, so my code sadly isn’t available yet! Soon!

Tomorrow: Undecided. Typical Ari Tuesday.