Part of the New Challenge

Yesterday: big-ass bagels, freelance, quest for ramen, weird mixed accents, cold parks, MEETUP, malls and loitering, subgrouping, Chinese food, freaky fish, cute tea house, whisky, Frozen
Today: sleeping in, brunch, Tumblr tour, walking, best damn pizza in the whole wide world, food coma


On New Year’s Eve, I hosted a Hackathon Hackers meetup, where I got to meet about 30 new people! It was really awesome putting real faces to the Facebook profiles I had interacted with.

I was hosted by Luke, who is visiting New York from California!

My first new person of 2015 was Mike from Tumblr, who took Luke and I on a tour of the offices. Cool offices, cool people, in-depth tech discussions.


We got Chinese food, and this happened:

We had a lot of fun with that fish.

The next day, I had Artichoke. Oh my gosh. Best. Pizza. I felt very happy and very fat and proceeded to food coma. (I blame some of my procrastination in posting this on the pizza.)


While staying with Luke, I’ve been listening to his Play it Forward Spotify playlist. It’s a little heavier than what I’m used to, but parts of it are really awesome.


I spent a lot of time on Medium reading posts. Some serious, some funny. I really like its recommendation system - there is always a new post that I’ll be into.


We had a meetup. Check out how cool we are:


I started on the next installment of WAYWO This Week! It’ll be released on Monday.


Not too much coding, but still working on freelance. I also did a couple designs for a project that I’ll start coding next week.

Tomorrow: good food?