It’s almost the end of another year. Instead of getting nostalgic and thinking of the past, I’m taking full advantage of the time off and doing a full-reset. I’m moving in one direction - forward. How? Everything new.

Setting the Scene

Today, I’m leaving for New York City, the largest city within a few thousand kilometres. I’ve been there only once before, for an organized event. The little time I did have to explore was spent gawking at the looming skyscrapers. You could say I’m far from comfortable in the city.

However, in the spirit of adventure, I’m going. I’m going alone. I’m going for over two weeks.

The Challenge

While I’m out gallavanting and exploring, I decided to pursue some personal development. I’ll be doing this through a set of daily challenges.

Every day, I intend to:

  • Meet and have a conversation with one new person
  • Eat or drink one new thing, and review it
  • Listen to and share one new song
  • Read a new poem, short story, or book chapter
  • Take a picture of something beautiful
  • Write at least 100 words on a new topic
  • Write at least 1 line of public code
  • Complete a suggested challenge (as available)

It sounds like a lot, because it is. I never was one for taking a typical “relaxing” vacation, I suppose.

The Blog

I’ll be posting my progress at some point every day on my blog. I’ll let you know who I talked to, what I read, what I listened to, what I coded, and provide updates on each component of the challenge. There’s an RSS feature somewhere, if you’re into that. I’ve also integrated comments so you can provide words of encouragement or criticism.

Follow the journey in real-time on Twitter!

Challenge Me!

Got an idea for something new I should try? New foods, new coding tools, new books, new anything? Throw your suggestions over to Twitter or leave them in the comments and I’ll incorporate as many as I can!