Part of the New Challenge

Today: All-nighter, early morning blog-building, hurried packing, 7 hour car ride, 1 hour border wait, epic playlist in car, subway adventures, Subway (the food) adventures, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge


Today’s new person was Rakesh, a graduate student and Hackathon Hacker. He helped me to find a place to stay and made sure I got food, then we went on an adventure across the Brooklyn Bridge. We had a great discussion about differences in education between India and North America, and the idea of gap years.


I didn’t eat much today, but I did try something new - a Milky Way Bar. My review? It’s basically the same thing as a Mars Bar. Why do they both exist?


Thanks to Spotify for powering my new music discovery today. This new Modest Mouse track comes from the playlist New Music Friday.

Lampshades On Fire


On my long subway ride from Manhattan to Brooklyn, I read the history chapter of the Letters section of the book Thinking with Type, which was given to me as a Hackathon Hackers Secret Santa gift. I don’t think I can express how much I like fonts and how fascinated I was looking through the history of typefaces.


So, I went a little touristy with this. It was my first night in NYC - give me a break. I’m convinced that the new World Trade Center is the prettiest building in the skyline now (it’s certainly the brightest) and I’ll definitely be making a point to go see it up close next week.


I wrote an artsy blog post about feeling grown up this morning.


Today, I set up this blog (using Jekyll) and implemented Google Analytics, AddThis social sharing, and Disqus commenting. Sure, not the most unique work I’ve done, but it was 5am and I did manage to get them all working together. You can find the code for this blog in its github repository.

Tomorrow: Manhattan, jazz, meetup, Hackathon Hackers